Bo’ness Athletic v Broxburn

Bo’ness saw their East of Scotland Qualifying Cup dreams shattered tonight at Newtown Park in a heart-stopping clash against Championship pace-setters Broxburn. The rollercoaster encounter culminated in a devastating turn of events, witnessing the hosts concede three gut-wrenching goals in the dying moments.

The night kicked off with early promise as MacDonald tested the waters with a sharp-angled shot merely two minutes into the match. However, Broxburn swiftly seized the initiative, breaking the deadlock in the 11th minute. A precise cross from the wing found its mark with their no.11 slipping past Paterson and Woodburn to slot a left-footed strike past the vigilant keeper.

Yet, in a spectacular turn, Bo’ness retaliated just two minutes later in jaw-dropping style. Godwin, the recent acquisition, orchestrated a sublime equalizer after winning possession outside the Broxburn box. MacDonald played the provider, nudging the ball for Godwin to calmly slot it into the far corner. However, his celebration was marred by a contentious stamp by a Broxburn defender, earning him a yellow card.

The match continued to surge with energy. Currid faced a distant shot from Broxburn, followed by a 25-yard attempt, from MacDonald, that saw the Broxburn custodian tip the ball over the crossbar, keeping the home team at bay.

Bo’ness began their dominance, netting three before the break. Godwin’s flair down the flanks proved menacing, almost adding to the tally with a tantalizing run and shot, narrowly missing the mark. Meanwhile, M. Weir and Robertson left their imprints, showcasing skill and precision with each goal.

The second half echoed with near-misses and opportunities. Godwin’s blistering pace and Mitchell’s crosses teased the Broxburn defence, but the execution faltered at crucial moments. Ogilvie had his chances too, but Bo’ness failed to capitalize, leaving the door open for a Broxburn comeback.

As the minutes dwindled, Bo’ness appeared poised for victory, seeking to run down the clock. Yet, Broxburn stunned everyone in the 86th minute, clawing back with a well-saved shot that rebounded to their no. 10, who made no mistake blasting it home. The equalizer followed suit just moments later, a deceptive cross-shot that eluded Currid’s grasp, sending the match into a nail-biting deadlock.

Then, in an unthinkable twist, Bo’ness fell prey to Broxburn’s relentless pursuit in added time. The no. 14 for Broxburn, narrowly escaping Woodburn’s challenge, drove a precision strike into the far corner, sealing a devastating victory.

The crushing defeat leaves Bo’ness reeling, their cup aspirations dashed. However, the team remains resolute, shifting their focus to upcoming league duties against Thornton Hibs in their quest for redemption.

Final Score: Bo’ness Athletic 3 – 4 Broxburn
East of Scotland Qualifying Cup Fourth Round

Match Highlights:

Arniston Rangers v Bo’ness Athletic

Bo’ness delivered an absolute masterclass today, clinching their spot in the Alex Jack Cup final with a resounding 3-0 victory over Arniston Rangers in a showdown that set the pitch ablaze despite the frosty conditions.

The clash ignited in an early kick-off as Bo’ness, with their latest recruit, Godwin Kangni-Soukpe, making an electrifying debut, stormed into the match. M. Weir, Snedden, and MacDonald emerged as the heroes, sealing a spectacular win that seemed improbable initially due to patches of frozen grass threatening to derail the showdown.

Yet, the game pushed on, and from the outset, Bo’ness commanded the field, basking in the glow of the sun during the opening half. It was a period peppered with frustration as loose passes between the defence and midfield cast shadows over their play. Despite this, early opportunities surfaced for Bo’ness, with the youthful dynamo Godwin causing havoc down the wings. Snedden unleashed a thunderous shot from a distance, narrowly missing the target.

Arniston, however, attempted to break the deadlock, testing Currid with a swift header, only to be thwarted by an offside call from the vigilant referee. The pace intensified, with both sides eager to make their mark. In the 19th minute, a tantalizing corner from Robertson met M. Weir’s head, but the ball soared over the bar, leaving the Bo’ness faithful gasping.

As the game unfolded, Bo’ness gained momentum. Godwin’s mesmerizing footwork down the right flank created an opening, delivering a tantalizing pass into the 6-yard box, but the subsequent strike from Roberston veered off target.

Persistence paid off for Bo’ness when M. Weir orchestrated a breakthrough, evading the offside trap from a sublime Snedden pass. With a single touch to control, M. Weir unleashed a left-footed thunderbolt, leaving the Arniston keeper helpless and the visiting fans erupting with relief.

Bo’ness continued to press forward, with MacDonald and Robertson taking shots at goal, but luck eluded them until Snedden capitalized on a defensive clearance, chesting down a clearance and launching a sensational left-footed strike. A slight deflection off Arniston’s no. 5 saw the ball loop into the net, leaving the keeper stranded.

As the first half concluded, Bo’ness held a commanding lead, but the game remained wide open.

The second half commenced with Bo’ness maintaining their offensive onslaught. Debutant Godwin made way for R. Weir in the 50th minute, as wave after wave of attacks crashed against Arniston’s defence. A well-placed free-kick by Robertson was spotted far too late by the Arniston keeper who could only ger a hand to it, resulting in an easy tap-in for MacDonald, further solidifying Bo’ness’s dominance.

With victory all but sealed, Bo’ness tactically substituted Robertson for Simpson, looking to secure their position. Ogilvie nearly added a fourth with a skillful run into the box, only to be denied by a remarkable save from the Arniston stopper’s strong hand.

In a bid for consolation, Arniston earned a penalty in the dying minutes. However, Currid, determined to preserve his clean sheet, dived to his left, not only stopping the shot but firmly securing the ball, denying Arniston any reprieve.

The final moments ticked away, confirming Bo’ness’s progression to the final, setting the stage for an electrifying clash against Heriot Watt University.

A special mention is reserved for the indomitable Bo’ness defence of Shanks, Paterson, Woodburn, and Mitchell, who showcased sheer resilience in a remarkable final 60-minute spell, repelling every challenge with unwavering determination.

Final Score: Arniston Rangers 0 – 3 Bo’ness Athletic
The Alex Jack Cup Semi Final

Bo’ness Athletic v Whitburn

Bo’ness set Newtown Park ablaze in a scintillating clash that saw them dominate the 1st Division league leaders Whitburn, kicking off their triumphant march through a series of various Cup clashes with a thunderous 6-2 victory. Goals rained down from the heavens, courtesy of M. Weir (twice), Ogilvie (also twice), Woodburn, and Paterson, propelling them into the next round of the King Cup on a rain-drenched afternoon.

The home side exuded confidence from the get-go, riding high on their recent triumph over Lowland League Linlithgow just over a week prior. Their swagger was unmistakable, evident as early as the 3rd minute when M. Weir ignited the scoreboard, seizing an opportunity created by a shaky pass-back between Whitburn’s No. 8 and their goalkeeper. Weir took advantage of a bobble and effortlessly tapped in, setting the tone for Bo’ness’s dominance.

Barely three minutes later, Ogilvie stretched their advantage. A masterful diagonal delivery from Shanks found Ogilvie’s chest, from which the striker’s first-time shot, taken at an acute angle, pierced the net on the opposite side, leaving the keeper grasping at thin air.

Robertson nearly buried Whitburn on the 12th minute, his unmarked strike hammering the left-hand upright, much to the visitors’ relief.

Although Bo’ness crafted numerous opportunities, they failed to capitalize until the 36th minute. MacDonald’s precise pass found Ogilvie, who cleverly evaded the offside trap, outmaneuvered the keeper, and expertly buried the ball into the left corner, solidifying Bo’ness’s commanding 3-0 lead at the break.

The second half saw Whitburn struggling to find their footing. Despite a player limping off in the first half, due to injury, they attempted to rally, but Bo’ness continued their relentless onslaught. Woodburn’s towering header off a corner in the 57th minute soared over the keeper, effectively sealing the fate of the match.

Whitburn fought back, clawing a goal through a well-executed reverse pass, but Bo’ness swiftly replied. M. Weir’s run into the box resulted in a shot deflecting off a Whitburn player, sending their keeper the wrong way and further extending Bo’ness’s lead.

Despite Robertson’s persistent attempts, luck eluded him, denying him another goal-scoring opportunity.

Whitburn managed to notch another goal in the 66th minute, leaving Currid helpless with a clinical strike. Both Weirs came agonizingly close to adding to the tally, but near-misses kept the scoreline unchanged.

A final flourish came from Paterson’s emphatic header off a perfectly delivered corner by Robertson, sealing the deal. In the dying moments, Whitburn’s No. 7 received a second yellow, sealing their fate as Bo’ness basked in a well-deserved triumph.

This resounding 6-2 victory over a higher division rival sets the stage for Bo’ness to embrace any challenge in the next round of the King Cup. Their display of prowess has cemented their status as formidable contenders, ready to take on any adversary that dares to cross their path.

Final Score: Bo’ness Athletic 6 – 2 Whitburn
King Cup 1st Round First Round

Burntisland Shipyard v Bo’ness Athletic

In a poignant prelude to the game, Burntisland and Bo’ness set the stage by observing a minute’s silence in honour of Remembrance Day. Against the stunning backdrop of the Burntisland Hills and a clear blue sky, the stage was set for a thrilling contest.

The whistle’s shrill cry marked the beginning, accompanied by the fervent beats of the young Burntisland Ultras’ drums, resonating through the air for the next hour and 45 minutes. What ultimately unfolded was another solid performance with Bo’ness leaving Burntisland in their wake, clinching victory on a heavy pitch and proving their mettle away from home.

Managerial decisions brought Paterson into the fold due to Sharples’ injury, and R. Weir commenced the game in front of MacDonald, setting the stage for a captivating clash.

In the initial exchanges, Burntisland seemed the livelier side, with three quick corners that Bo’ness adeptly defended. A subsequent cross-cum-shot posed little threat to the vigilant Currid.

Bo’ness’s Robertson, known for his explosive runs down the left, sought to make an impact, but a blocked low pass resulted in a corner. Burntisland, however, had an early long-range attempt in the 9th minute, sailing wide of Currid’s left post.

The 13th minute brought the breakthrough for Bo’ness, orchestrated by the unstoppable Robertson. Roaring down the left, he delivered a precise pass to the surging Ogilvie, who met the ball with finesse, dispatching it into the net with a leap over the diving keeper.

Just before half-time, Bo’ness doubled their lead from a Robertson free-kick. R. Weir’s well-timed forward run culminated in a chest-high header that sailed past the Burntisland keeper, further solidifying Bo’ness’s control.

As the second half commenced, Burntisland sought a resurgence. Their no.9 made a spirited attempt in the box, but Currid was untested as the ball skidded wide.

In the 49th minute, Robertson unleashed a ferocious shot from the edge of the 18-yard box, prompting a swift reaction from the Burntisland keeper, who deflected the ball high over the bar. Robertson’s impressive display concluded as MacDonald stepped in on the 52nd minute.

Ogilvie showcased his skill with deft footwork, outmanoeuvring the keeper and delivering a tantalising cross into the 6-yard box. MacDonald’s inches-away header narrowly missed adding to the score line.

MacDonald didn’t have to wait long for redemption. Three minutes later, in a seamless play between MacDonald and R. Weir, MacDonald danced past a sliding defender, cutting the ball onto his right foot before launching a low-driven shot into the corner, leaving defenders and goalkeeper sprawled on the turf.

The points secured, the game meandered towards its conclusion, notable only for M. Weir’s tantalising run into the box, resulting in an acutely angled shot that veered away for a throw-in.

On the 74th minute, R. Weir made way for defender Simpson, granting him valuable playing time.

As the final whistle sounded, only a minute and 15 seconds of added time had transpired. Burntisland, known for their resilience at home, found themselves thwarted in the face of Bo’ness’s steely defence, spearheaded by the indomitable Currid, who once again secured a clean sheet.

Burntisland may be a tricky adversary on their home turf, but Bo’ness emerged triumphant, displaying tactical finesse, offensive prowess, and defensive resilience. The respect rightfully extends to the Bo’ness defence, who played an instrumental role in yet another shutout, a testament to their consistency and the outstanding goalkeeping prowess of Currid this season.

Final Score: Burntisland Shipyard 0 – 3 Bo’ness Athletic
The East of Scotland Second Division League Match No. 12

Linlithgow Rose v Bo’ness Athletic

In a thrilling Cup encounter at Prestonfield, Bo’ness proved their might, commanding a resounding 5-1 victory over Linlithgow Rose, propelling them to a triumphant advancement in the East of Scotland Qualifying Cup. An early 4-0 lead at half-time seemed reminiscent of a familiar script, yet Bo’ness didn’t falter in the second half, elevating their lead to a formidable 5-0 before Linlithgow managed a consolation goal, cementing one of Bo’ness’s most historic victories.

The formidable duo of Robertson and M. Weir, with contributions from Snedden, spearheaded Bo’ness’s win, highlighting the team’s prowess and intent to dominate the opposition. Two goals each from Robertson and M. Weir, accompanied by a fine finish from Snedden, marked a resounding passage into the next round of the East of Scotland Qualifying Cup.

From the opening moments, Bo’ness’s hunger was evident as they pursued the ball with ferocity. Just five minutes in, M. Weir had the first shot, fired straight at the keeper, offering an easy save for the Linlithgow stopper.

However, within moments, Bo’ness struck, surging ahead in an electrifying fashion. A lofted pass from MacKay to Robertson on the left flank set the stage. A deflected ball from Ogilvie led to Robertson thundering a high-velocity shot past the goalkeeper, sending the Linlithgow crowd into stunned silence.

As the match progressed, Bo’ness’s relentless attacking display was evident. Macdonald’s audacious attempt, followed by a near miss from Robertson, showcased their intentions, the scoreline, however, remained 1-0.

The 13th minute witnessed a jubilant celebration from Bo’ness, as Ogilvie’s precise delivery to M. Weir allowed a composed finish, doubling their lead to 2-0. The Linlithgow fans looked on, left in disbelief.

In the 20th minute, M. Weir turned provider, carving through the left wing and serving a pinpoint cross to Snedden, who struck the third goal with confidence. As he wheeled away in celebration the Linlithgow players could only look to each other.

Only six minutes later, Bo’ness bolstered their lead to 4-0 in remarkable fashion. A sweeping cross-field pass from Shank found Ogilvie, who elegantly delivered a pass to Mitchell. Unmarked, Robertson had little trouble in slotting the ball into the net, further deflating Linlithgow.

Linlithgow’s attempts late in the first half posed no real threat to Currid, ensuring Bo’ness’s impressive 4-0 lead at halftime. However, Bo’ness went looking to turn the screw even firther as M. Weir had another chance to add to his tally when his shot from close range seemed to be palmed over the bar by the keeper , then Robertson found Ogilvie in the box and his effort came back off the post , was cleared to MacDonald and his half volley looked goal bound but was clear away by a headed deflection.

The second half commenced with Bo’ness displaying a hunger akin to the initial kick-off. A six-minute delay due to a knock sustained by Sharples necessitated a substitution with Simpson stepping in.

The climax of the match unfolded at the 59-minute mark when Robertson embarked on an incredible run from his own half. His mesmerizing dribbling down the left flank ended with a sensational assist to M. Weir, extending Bo’ness’s lead to an insurmountable 5-0.

The management then replaced MacDonald with R. Weir, further solidifying Bo’ness’s dominant position, effectively shutting down any potential comeback hopes by Linlithgow.

Despite Linlithgow’s efforts, including a curling shot, and a late consolation goal by their substitute no.18, courtesy of a brilliant through ball, there was no tangible threat to Bo’ness’s commanding lead.

Sneddon, stepping in as a 16-year-old substitute for Ogilvie, displayed remarkable composure under pressure, upholding the team’s strength and resolve in the crucial fixture.

In the final moments, a potential penalty claim by Sneddon was disregarded by the referee, and the long eight minutes of injury time seemed to stretch for both teams for different reasons. However, the final whistle marked Bo’ness’s celebration, rejoicing in their spectacular accomplishment.

This victory holds an esteemed place in Bo’ness’s history. To overcome a team currently in the Lowland league in such convincing fashion is a testament to the club’s capability. Not even Raith Rovers could match this resounding score-line at Prestonfield in their two recent fixtures with Linlithgow. Bo’ness’s unmatched performance paves the way for future encounters, and the team marches forward with confidence for the next round of this competition.

Final Score: Linlithgow Rose 1 – Bo’ness Athletic 5
East of Scotland Qualifying Cup Third Round

Bo’ness Athletic v Edinburgh College

Newtown Park was the battleground for a physical clash that saw Bo’ness reinstating their winning rhythm with an emphatic 7-0 conquest over Edinburgh College, catapulting them a commanding four points clear at the top of the league table. Goals from the likes of Robertson, MacDonald, M. Weir, and Mitchell signified a robust and compelling performance from a full-strength Bo’ness squad, fortified by another shutout from Currid marshalling the defence.

In an electrifying start, a swift delivery over the top found M. Weir charging into the box, only to be thwarted by the keeper’s decisive punch. However, the keeper’s athletic intervention resulted in a possible injury, but valiantly, he continued despite appearing to suffer a hand or wrist issue. Just moments later, MacDonald dared an audacious lob from the edge of the 18-yard area. Although the keeper appeared in control, his injury played a part, inadvertently dropping the ball, and in a split second, Robertson was alert, heading home from close range to grant Bo’ness an early 1-0 lead.

The injury brought an early curtain call for the Edinburgh stopper, swiftly replaced by a stand-in keeper, setting the stage for a whirlwind of action. In the 16th minute, Edinburgh, on the offensive, exploited gaps, with their number 10 unleashing a strike from 25 yards, narrowly missing the target.

Swift counterplay from Bo’ness, with Robertson storming down the left flank into the box, was swiftly cut off by a vigilant Edinburgh defender, preventing a potential goal. Seconds later, a splendid delivery into the goal area by Snedden found R. Weir unmarked, yet the stand-in keeper made a commendable save, denying Bo’ness from extending their lead.

With positional alterations between Robertson and Weir, a lively spell of play saw Robertson manoeuvred to the right flank. A splendid showcase of footwork and quick manoeuvring from Shanks led to a tantalising ball across the goal to Robertson, whose shot narrowly missed the target.

A defensive clearance created an opportunity, with the ball dropping to Snedden, who attempted a spectacular volley, unfortunately soaring over the bar. At the 23-minute mark, Edinburgh came close to equalizing as their striker shrugged off Woodburn, but a valiant run from Snedden into the box derailed the attempt, steering the ball wide.

Five minutes later, Bo’ness surged further ahead as Mitchell initiated a low pass into the box, enabling M. Weir to elegantly guide a left-footed shot from close range, securing the second goal.

Edinburgh College was inches away from a comeback when their forward had an acre of space and fired from 18 yards, only to see the ball smack the outside of the post. Back on the attack, Robertson glided down the left flank, delivering an exquisite pass to MacDonald at the far post, who had an easy tap-in, increasing the lead to 3-0 before the half-time whistle.

The second half witnessed Bo’ness asserting its dominance, creating one opportunity after another. Among the many chances, M. Weir’s audacious lob from 24 yards on the left wing was met by a fingertip save from the keeper, potentially preventing a goal-of-the-season contender.

MacDonald, who had earlier squandered a straightforward chance, found redemption when R. Weir, displaying selflessness, passed across the box to MacDonald, who elegantly side-footed the ball into the far corner, amplifying Bo’ness’s lead to 4-0 and his second of the game.

Robertson then secured his brace with a magnificent header, outmanoeuvring the defender before launching a low right-footed shot home, leaving the fans in raptures.

The 76th minute saw Bo’ness executing the first of their strategic substitutions. MacDonald made way for Simpson to offer defensive exposure while Mitchell was propelled forward. Minutes later, Bo’ness extended their lead to 6-0 with a scintillating hat-trick goal from Robertson. An ingenious play from R. Weir, who held up the play in the box, provided a precise pass to Robertson, whose accurate strike found the net.

The management seized the moment, making three substitutions in the 80th minute. M. Weir, Snedden, and Robertson were replaced by Ogilvie and Irvine, offering the promising under-20s Joel Sneddon and Blair Lenathen their first senior team exposure. As the rain intensified, the match drew to a close, with a R. Weir’s effort deflected high over the bar.

In the dying moments of the match at the 91st minute, Mitchell took possession and calmly placed a left foot shot from the edge of the D into the keeper’s far left corner, culminating in a dazzling finish and a comprehensive 7-0 score-line.

Despite R. Weir’s yearning for a personal goal, his integral contributions in and around the Edinburgh box in the second half were unmissable. The young substitutes seamlessly integrated into the senior team, signifying a bright future for Bo’ness.

In this high-scoring match, Bo’ness once again underlined their domineering home record, averaging an impressive 5.5 goals per match across all competitions.

The high tempo clash at Newtown Park encapsulated Bo’ness’s might and tactical flair, fostering optimism and showcasing their unwavering spirit in the pursuit of another league victory.

Final Score: Bo’ness Athletic 7 – 0 Edinburgh College
The East of Scotland Second Division League Match No. 11

Stirling University v Bo’ness Athletic

In a gruelling clash at Stirling Uni, Bo’ness faced their first league defeat this season amid a rain-laden night. The strong wind, from right to left, added to the misery of the evening.

Bo’ness’s backline saw a makeshift setup, with R. Weir shifted from midfield to right-back, Simpson on the left , and Mitchell and the loaned talent, Wright, holding the fort in the middle.

At kick-off, Bo’ness held the wind advantage, and within a mere 94 seconds, they drew first blood. A brilliant clearance from Mackay found M. Weir on the right, just past the halfway line. R. Weir, now on defensive duty, embarked on a lung-busting run, delivered a crisp, low cross into the box, where MacDonald awaited, calmly slotting a left-footed effort past the Stirling Uni keeper from six yards.

MacDonald later attempted a long-range strike, following a deft header from Robertson, but his effort narrowly missed the target, just past the left post.

Moments after, Robertson won a free-kick from a rough challenge about 25 yards out. His attempt, however, posed no threat and sailed past the post.

A promising move by Stirling Uni saw MacKay dispossessed after a good pass by their no. 8, setting up their no. 9 for a shot from the edge of the 18-yard area, comfortably gathered by Bo’ness’s keeper, Currid.

A swift sequence initiated by a short corner from Robertson found its way to R. Weir, who delivered a tantalising cross. The unmarked Shearer met it with his head but couldn’t direct it on target, leaving it to sail agonisingly past the post once more.

Snedden showcased his skills, threading a sublime pass to M. Weir through a cluster of Stirling players. M. Weir surged down the left flank and whipped in a low-driven cross to Shearer, lurking just inside the six-yard box. A last-ditch sliding tackle from the Stirling defender cleared the danger to safety.

Another beautiful play unfolded on the left between Robertson and Shearer, resulting in a shot from Robertson, but yet again, a well-timed tackle deflected the ball into the keeper’s grateful arms.

As the half-hour mark approached, Bo’ness squandered their best chance to double their lead. A clever one-two between M. Weir and MacDonald saw Weir penetrate the box, ready to unleash a left-footed strike destined for the net. However, a superb save by the Stirling Uni keeper, who blocked the shot with his left foot, kept Bo’ness at bay.

Robertson was next to test the keeper’s mettle, winning a header down the left. A fortunate bounce allowed him to enter the box and fire a shot, but the keeper thwarted his efforts once more, smothering the ball.

A mesmerising twist by M. Weir left his marker bemused, enabling him to set up Shearer for a long-range effort from 25 yards out. The keeper, well-positioned, managed to tip the ball over the bar.

The first half concluded with Bo’ness ruing their missed opportunities to seize a commanding lead.

The second half commenced under equally dire weather conditions, this time favouring Stirling Uni. It proved a scrappy affair, with both sides struggling to control the ball on the slippery artificial turf, a consequence of the persistent rain.

In the 77th minute, Bo’ness finally threatened in the second half. A long ball over the top by MacKay reached Robertson on the flank. He exhibited fine control and skilfully manoeuvred towards the keeper. Although he managed to round the keeper, the referee ruled the ball had crossed the touchline before his subsequent pass to Shearer, disallowing the goal and awarding a goal kick.

A mere minute later, Stirling Uni celebrated an equalizer. A long pass from their own half found the Stirling no. 11 on the left flank. As R. Weir moved in to challenge, an unfortunate slip left the Stirling striker with ample time to line up a shot from approximately 23 yards out. Although Currid dove valiantly, he couldn’t quite reach the curling effort, and the ball nestled into the back of the net.

Frustration and despondency crept into Bo’ness, prompting the manager to introduce Ogilvie in place of MacDonald. In the 81st minute, they lodged a strong penalty claim when R. Weir appeared to be bundled to the ground inside the box, but the referee remained unmoved.

Stirling Uni seized the initiative in the final 10 minutes, threatening to take the lead. A loose ball in the box ventured perilously close to the penalty spot but ultimately trickled past the post, serving as a potent warning to Bo’ness.

One minute later, they paid the ultimate price. A throw-in, merely six yards from the goal line, was lofted into the box, finding the head of Stirling Uni’s no. 5, who directed it towards the Stirling no. 11, positioned approximately 16 yards out. He elegantly curled a shot into the top right-hand corner, leaving Currid with no chance of stopping it.

Bo’ness endeavored to find the equalizer, but time was not on their side. The referee’s whistle sounded, concluding the match with five minutes of added time.

An encouraging note from the game was the impressive performance of newcomer Wright, who joined on a short-term loan from Broxburn Athletic. Bo’ness now gears up for their upcoming clash against Arniston Rangers in the semi-final of the Alex Jack Cup.

Final Score: Stirling University 2 – 1 Bo’ness Athletic
The East of Scotland Second Division League Match No. 10

Bo’ness Athletic v Tweedmouth Rangers

In another league clash with Tweedmouth Rangers, Bo’ness emerged victorious, securing back-to-back wins in a match that saw an early taste of winter with chilling winds. Nevertheless, the adverse conditions failed to dampen the team’s performance, with four goals courtesy of Robertson, Shearer, M. Weir, and Ogilvie comfortably sealing victory.

Unlike the previous fixture, where Bo’ness conceded an early goal, this time they stood resolute, with two early chances falling to Robertson. In the opening minute, Robertson unleashed a low shot from outside the box, but it went straight at the keeper, who scooped up the effort. M. Weir then played a pass out to R. Weir on the right-hand side of the box, who squared it back to Robertson as he made a diagonal run across. However, his right-footed shot was blocked by the Tweedmouth defence and subsequently cleared.

Tweedmouth came close to a spectacular goal in the ninth minute when a cutback from the far right was met with a first-time shot from 20 yards out. Only the bar, possibly assisted by a fingertip save from Currid, denied the Tweedmouth player a remarkable strike.

In the tenth minute, Shearer appeared to have put Bo’ness ahead when he lofted the ball over the keeper into the net. Unfortunately, the celebration was cut short by an early offside whistle. Robertson attempted to break the deadlock once more from about 20 yards out, but this time his shot sailed high and wide of the target.

Not to be discouraged, Robertson, under similar circumstances, dribbled into the 18-yard box, cut back onto his right foot, and dispatched a shot into the net, at the keeper’s near post. It was a quintessential Robertson goal, showcasing his skills in the race for the club’s top scorer this season.

Shearer, keen to continue his prolific goal-scoring form, had a chance shortly after, outpacing the last defender. However, when faced with only the keeper to beat, his attempt appeared to come off his shin, resulting in a goal kick.

In the 18th minute, good work down the right from R. Weir saw him fake a pass, check back, and pick out M. Weir. With just a single touch, M. Weir guided the ball past the stranded keeper from six yards out.

Next, it was Shearer’s opportunity to get on the scoresheet, as he found himself unmarked inside the six-yard box during a corner. Unfortunately, his header lacked the necessary height and sailed over the bar. However, he rectified the situation 30 seconds later, making it 3-0. Shearer took a pass with his back to goal, deftly beat his marker, and fired an unstoppable right-footed shot past the Tweedmouth keeper.

Ryan Weir, this time on the left, delivered a cross-cum-shot that narrowly missed the far post. Notably, a penalty shout was missedn by the referee, who apparently did not see the apparent stamp on Weir by a Tweedmouth defender immediately after the shot.

The fourth goal arrived when Ogilvie, stationed at the back post, took advantage of a couple of deflected efforts from Robertson. Eventually, the ball fell to R. Weir, who laid off a pass to Mitchell. He lofted a pinpoint cross to Ogilvie at the far post, who emphatically slammed it home, marking Bo’ness’s final goal of the game.

Ogilvie had another chance to add to his tally, but he sent his shot just wide of the keeper’s far post. Robertson had the final opportunity of the first half with a free-kick from distance, but his effort sailed a few feet over the bar.

In the second half, Ogilvie was replaced by club captain MacKay. Tweedmouth looked to make their mark early, displaying good build-up play that led to a lay-off and a long-range shot from outside the box. However, the shot blazed well over the bar.

In the 62nd minute, Robertson, after taking a knock, made way for striker McAteer. Moments later, MacKay attempted his trademark long-distance strike from a layoff following a free-kick. However, his effort failed to trouble the Tweedmouth keeper.

The match took an unexpected turn when Bo’ness was reduced to ten men. Woodburn, typically reliable in defence, found himself shown the red card. A long ball heading towards the Bo’ness goal seemed comfortably handled by Woodburn. However, he collided with goalkeeper Currid, sending him to the ground. The loose ball was quickly scooped up by the Tweedmouth striker. Woodburn, seemingly, placed an arm over his shoulder and dragged him down, leading to the immediate awarding of a penalty and red card

The resulting penalty kick was calmly dispatched, sending Currid the wrong way, bringing the score to 4-1.

With Bo’ness down to ten men but with three points secured, Tweedmouth displayed a stronger performance in the second half, gaining greater control of the game. Nevertheless, the points had already been wrapped up in the first half.

Tweedmouth, despite their determined efforts, have proved to be challenging opponents over the two games. It is remarkable that they have yet to secure a single point this season. Bo’ness have now extended their lead at the top to eight points, with a game in hand over second and third place in the league.

Final Score: Bo’ness Athletic 4 – 1 Tweedmouth Rangers
The East of Scotland Second Division League Match No. 9

Tweedmouth Rangers v Bo’ness Athletic

Bo’ness continued their impressive league campaign with yet another victory, this time south of the border in England, ensuring their unblemished record remained intact. It has become customary for Bo’ness to find the net and this match was no exception, with Shearer, MacDonald, and Robertson notching up five goals between them.

Surprisingly, the game didn’t start perfectly for Bo’ness, as Tweedmouth seized an early opportunity. Just one minute into the match, a deep cross prompted Shanks to step out, but Tweedmouth’s No. 7 timed his run to perfection. He met the cross and calmly side-footed a low shot past the helpless Currid. It was a remarkable start for Tweedmouth, who had yet to secure a single point in the league this season.

Tweedmouth had an opportunity to double their lead just two minutes later, with a cutback and a shot from the edge of the 18-yard box sailing high over the bar.

Following this, Tweedmouth’s chances in the first half were scarce, as Bo’ness upped their game and took control of proceedings.

For the next 20 minutes, Bo’ness launched an unrelenting assault. The first chance came from a free-kick by Ryan Robertson, which floated to the back post. The Tweedmouth goalkeeper managed to get a fingertip to it, deflecting it past the post, preventing Simpson from heading it home. Robertson had another attempt moments later, cutting back to the corner of the 18-yard box and unleashing a low shot towards the keeper’s near post, but the keeper gathered it comfortably.

Main then delivered a pinpoint cross from the right, finding Shearer unmarked, but he agonizingly steered his header wide of the post. In a similar situation, Main once again provided a precise pass across the goal towards Shearer, but this time the Tweedmouth defence managed to clear it for a corner with a sliding challenge.

From the ensuing corner, Robertson floated a cross to the edge of the six-yard box, where Paterson rose for a header but couldn’t direct it enough, sending it upwards and over the bar.

Finally, Bo’ness’s relentless pressure paid off as they were awarded a corner. Robertson delivered the ball to the back post again, where Simpson headed it back across the goal for Shearer to side-foot it home from a mere yard out.

Just three minutes later, Bo’ness took the lead. Simpson dashed down the left flank to collect the ball and found an unmarked MacDonald in the box. MacDonald had all the time he needed to launch a wicked left-footed shot high into the top left-hand corner of the net.

With Main now operating on the left, he received a pass and delivered an inch-perfect ball to MacDonald, who was once again unmarked on the right-hand side of the six-yard box. MacDonald took a touch and fired home a right-footed shot, extending Bo’ness’s lead. The first half concluded with a scoreline of 3-1 in Bo’ness’s favour.

Prior to this match, Bo’ness had been averaging slightly over four goals per game in the league. As the second half commenced, Bo’ness sought to add to their tally. However, Tweedmouth had the first chance of the final 45 minutes with a shot from the right, but the No. 3 blazed it high over the bar.

Robertson was determined to get his name on the scoresheet, blasting a shot over from close range a minute later. He followed it up with a turn and shot, but the attempt was straight at the keeper, who easily held it.

In the 56th minute, Main advanced down the right-hand side, entered the box, and appeared to be brought down by the keeper. However, the referee saw no foul.

Shearer then had an opportunity to extend Bo’ness’s lead, meeting a low cross into the box but failing to steer the ball into the net, narrowly sending it wide of the far post.

Finally, Robertson was rewarded for his persistence, receiving a well-executed pass from Shearer and calmly side-footing a shot past the keeper in the 59th minute.

Bo’ness appealed for another penalty when M. Weir seemed to be sandwiched between two Tweedmouth players in the six-yard box while collecting a loose ball. However, the referee remained unmoved.

Tweedmouth, displaying commendable resilience, managed to pull a goal back in the 73rd minute. The No. 20 demonstrated great footwork as he entered the Bo’ness box, feigned a shot to send the keeper to the ground, and slotted the ball into the net with composure.

Two minutes later, Meechan had a golden opportunity to seal the game, meeting a Main cross from the left but firing a shot over the bar from seven yards out.

Robertson, in search of his second goal of the match, had a close-range shot blocked by the diving keeper. However, he quickly made amends by receiving a short pass from Meechan in the box. From approximately 16 yards out, he took a touch and fired a shot, from a stanging position, into the bottom right-hand corner, a strike that left the keeper with no chance.

Bo’ness had one final chance as Main entered the box, firing a left-footed shot towards goal. However, the Tweedmouth No. 5 managed to deflect it past the post.

This fixture marked Bo’ness’s furthest away trip, but they returned with three well-deserved points. Bottom-of-the-league Tweedmouth demonstrated resilience and scored two impressive goals. However, once Bo’ness gained the lead, the outcome appeared never in doubt.

Final Score: Tweedmouth Rangers 2 – 5 Bo’ness Athletic
The East of Scotland Second Division League Match No. 8

Bo’ness Athletic v Peebles Rovers

Bo’ness continued their league campaign in impressive fashion, securing a 5-1 triumph over Peebles Rovers. The result extended their lead at the top of the table to a commanding five points, with the added bonus of a game in hand. Two goals each from Robertson and Shearer, along with a late strike from substitute McAteer, ensured that Bo’ness maintained their flawless record, having secured maximum points from all seven league fixtures.

In the early stages of the match, Peebles Rovers proved to be a tough nut to crack, with Bo’ness struggling to find a breakthrough. However, their persistence paid off after 15 minutes when the prolific Robertson opened the scoring. Main initiated a move with a run into the box and a shot that forced a save from the goalkeeper’s feet. The rebound fell to Shearer, who demonstrated exceptional composure in the box, setting up Main once more. Despite Main’s effort being deflected, it landed perfectly for Robertson just outside the six-yard box. He struck a shot into the ground, causing it to bounce over the helpless goalkeeper and into the net.

Not to be outdone, Peebles launched an immediate counter-attack. Their No. 6 unleashed a shot from the edge of the D, requiring Currid to be alert and make a diving save to palm the ball over the bar.

The match then entered a fairly evenly balanced spell with both sides battling for control. MacDonald exhibited his trademark close ball control, driving into the box, but the Peebles defence held firm, blocking his shot before clearing the danger.

In a remarkable moment of skill, MacDonald, on the goal linem, with the ball seemingly glued to his feet, dinked it up past two opponents from a standing position. He then circumvented them, collected the ball, and delivered a short pass to Shearer. With precision, Shearer left-footed the ball past the stranded goalkeeper.

Just five minutes later, a long ball from the right found Shearer in a wide position. Despite the acute angle, he met the ball on the half-volley and dispatched it into the net. Bo’ness were firmly in control, with 35 minutes on the clock.

Peebles mounted a late first-half threat, with Shanks required to clear a dangerous cross for a corner in the 38th minute. From the ensuing corner, the ball eventually arrived back in the danger zone, appearing to strike Sharples and threaten Currid’s goal. However, Currid scrambled to his goal line, managing to scoop the ball away, preventing a Peebles goal.

Shearer, eager to replicate his previous hat-trick heroics, had another attempt shortly after. He collected the ball at the edge of the 18-yard box, executed a diagonal run, and fired a shot towards the goal. However, it posed no real trouble for the goalkeeper.

Just before the half-time whistle, a free-kick into the box found Shearer at the back post. He laid the ball off to Snedden, who had advanced into the box amd struck a first-time shot into the side netting.

The second half saw M. Weir and R. Weir take the field, replacing Turnbull and MacDonald.

Peebles had a couple of opportunities to claw their way back into the match following the break, but neither effort seriously tested Currid.

In the 57th minute, Bo’ness played a corner directly to Paterson in the box, who connected well with the ball. However, it somehow ran out of play past the post.

Peebles came close to pulling one back four minutes later when a ball played across goal found an unmarked player about ten yards out. His ferocious shot struck the post before being cleared to safety.

Chances continued to flow for both teams, with Main delivering a deep cross from the left to Robertson, whose header narrowly missed the target. A minute later, Robertson fired a shot wide of the left-hand post following a well-orchestrated combination between him and Shearer.

In the 65th minute, Mitchell was forced to leave the field due to a head injury sustained while attempting a clearance. Simpson stepped in as his replacement.

Peebles finally reaped the rewards of their perseverance with a superb strike from the corner of the 18-yard box. The player made the execution appear effortless, lofting the ball over Currid and into the top corner of the net.

On the 75th minute, Shearer and Main made way for substitutes Meechan and McAteer.

Five minutes later, Robertson once again demonstrated his prowess. He latched onto a through ball, outpaced the defence, and confidently dispatched it beyond the goalkeeper, taking his season’s goal tally to an impressive 16 goals in competitive matches.

With five minutes remaining, Robertson narrowly missed with a header from a free-kick. Then, McAteer had a header expertly palmed over the bar by the Peebles goalkeeper. Finally, with a sweet left-footed strike at the near post, McAteer concluded the match with a 5-1 result.

Credit must be given to Peebles for putting up a determined fight throughout the fixture. Nevertheless, Bo’ness displayed their superior strength and quality across the park, with their goal tally continuing to rise.

Final Score: Bo’ness Athletic 5 – 1 Peebles Rovers
The East of Scotland Second Division League Match No. 7

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