The King Cup – Club Statement

Our Board and Management recognised that the Club had fallen foul of a significant administrative error after Tuesday night’s game. Expeditiously, over the course of Wednesday, in the interests of sporting integrity, the Club notified the Association and Leith Athletic to inform them that a cup tied player entered the field as a substitute during the course of the match.

The inevitable outcome is expulsion from the King Cup competition this season.

We apologise profusely to the squad and our supporters for this error and its consequences.

We thank the Association and Leith Athletic for their swift action, reaction and understanding to this genuine oversight.

We wish Leith Athletic the very best of wishes for the competition and look forward to future fixtures between the clubs. Through the course of Tuesday night and these circumstances, we have established a friendship based on our values and mutual respect.

Bo’ness Athletic have a League, League Cup and the Cup Winners’ Shield to fight for this season and trust that we will have your continued support in our journey.