Burntisland Shipyard v Bo’ness Athletic

In a poignant prelude to the game, Burntisland and Bo’ness set the stage by observing a minute’s silence in honour of Remembrance Day. Against the stunning backdrop of the Burntisland Hills and a clear blue sky, the stage was set for a thrilling contest.

The whistle’s shrill cry marked the beginning, accompanied by the fervent beats of the young Burntisland Ultras’ drums, resonating through the air for the next hour and 45 minutes. What ultimately unfolded was another solid performance with Bo’ness leaving Burntisland in their wake, clinching victory on a heavy pitch and proving their mettle away from home.

Managerial decisions brought Paterson into the fold due to Sharples’ injury, and R. Weir commenced the game in front of MacDonald, setting the stage for a captivating clash.

In the initial exchanges, Burntisland seemed the livelier side, with three quick corners that Bo’ness adeptly defended. A subsequent cross-cum-shot posed little threat to the vigilant Currid.

Bo’ness’s Robertson, known for his explosive runs down the left, sought to make an impact, but a blocked low pass resulted in a corner. Burntisland, however, had an early long-range attempt in the 9th minute, sailing wide of Currid’s left post.

The 13th minute brought the breakthrough for Bo’ness, orchestrated by the unstoppable Robertson. Roaring down the left, he delivered a precise pass to the surging Ogilvie, who met the ball with finesse, dispatching it into the net with a leap over the diving keeper.

Just before half-time, Bo’ness doubled their lead from a Robertson free-kick. R. Weir’s well-timed forward run culminated in a chest-high header that sailed past the Burntisland keeper, further solidifying Bo’ness’s control.

As the second half commenced, Burntisland sought a resurgence. Their no.9 made a spirited attempt in the box, but Currid was untested as the ball skidded wide.

In the 49th minute, Robertson unleashed a ferocious shot from the edge of the 18-yard box, prompting a swift reaction from the Burntisland keeper, who deflected the ball high over the bar. Robertson’s impressive display concluded as MacDonald stepped in on the 52nd minute.

Ogilvie showcased his skill with deft footwork, outmanoeuvring the keeper and delivering a tantalising cross into the 6-yard box. MacDonald’s inches-away header narrowly missed adding to the score line.

MacDonald didn’t have to wait long for redemption. Three minutes later, in a seamless play between MacDonald and R. Weir, MacDonald danced past a sliding defender, cutting the ball onto his right foot before launching a low-driven shot into the corner, leaving defenders and goalkeeper sprawled on the turf.

The points secured, the game meandered towards its conclusion, notable only for M. Weir’s tantalising run into the box, resulting in an acutely angled shot that veered away for a throw-in.

On the 74th minute, R. Weir made way for defender Simpson, granting him valuable playing time.

As the final whistle sounded, only a minute and 15 seconds of added time had transpired. Burntisland, known for their resilience at home, found themselves thwarted in the face of Bo’ness’s steely defence, spearheaded by the indomitable Currid, who once again secured a clean sheet.

Burntisland may be a tricky adversary on their home turf, but Bo’ness emerged triumphant, displaying tactical finesse, offensive prowess, and defensive resilience. The respect rightfully extends to the Bo’ness defence, who played an instrumental role in yet another shutout, a testament to their consistency and the outstanding goalkeeping prowess of Currid this season.

Final Score: Burntisland Shipyard 0 – 3 Bo’ness Athletic
The East of Scotland Second Division League Match No. 12